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Need your driveway
Here at Westcott Concrete we specialize in all forms of concrete. Patios, sidewalks, retaining walls, portches, driveways, basement floors and more! Pick and choose from many different concrete finishing styles such as stamped, spun, broomed, smooth or brick, and make your home or project look fantastic. We order most of our concrete from Windsor Ready Mix located on North Service Rd. in Windsor ON, and while we are in the county we order from Essex Concrete, both very great quality companies.
We fix
leaky basements.
Waterproofing leaky basements can be a pain. They can be very dangerous causing mold and fungi to grow on the inside of your house. We take the time to find the crack in your foundation wall and use industry leading technology to seal and waterproof your house. We guarentee you will never have a leak again. All materials and supplies get delivered directly to your house and your house gets fixed in no time at all. You can also call us for new construction projects!
Detached Garages
look great.
Nothing adds value to your property like a detached garage. We will help you finally get the garage you have always wanted. We start by pouring a solid garage floor with a rat wall, and call in our framers to put your walls and roof up. Choose the roof style and color, and accent the garage with a sharp color for the siding. Hundreds of colors and hundreds of possiblities to bring your garage to life.
General construction
we do that too!
Thats right! We can do almost all general construction needed like drywall, installing flooring, siding and more. If you need it done we probably can do it. Do not wait until someone comes around. If you are in the Windsor or Essex County area, make it happen with us!